Sanne Lovén Rolén


b. 1996

based in Stockholm, Sweden.

My work explores aspects of the hierarchy between animal and human. I use different human coded objects, for example a hotdog, pommes frites and a bowl with cereals. An aspect that has been added to the specified objects is the children perspective. Since children are more open minded and haven’t learned the structure of society yet, they are a great inspiration for me to learn how to look beyond the hierarchies in society. How do we as humans think before we learn how we should be thinking? 

One of the symbols I use is the cow, that works as a symbol for the animal. I have chosen to work with the cow since it is an animal that we use as humans to get milk and meat from, yet the cow is assisting and accepting us no matter what we do to them. I feel sorry for the cow, being a calm animal with no intention to do harm, at the very same time as we as humans kill them with no mercy. As a symbol for the human, I use Leif GW Persson, since he is taking and getting a lot of space in everyday society, for example in Swedish television.

In order to tell my story through children, I also have workshops with them and get influenced by their ideas in the making of my work. This is a way for me to get “dehumanised” since children has less time living as human beings and haven’t yet learned how they should behave. 

University of Arts, Craft and Design;
master CRAFT! (inriktning textil), 2022 – 2024
kandidat Textil, 2019 – 2022

Textil form, 2018 – 2019
Birkagårdens folkhögsskola
Allmän kurs, inriktning Konst